🥏 the ULTIVERSAL collective ♾️

The mission of the Ultiversal Collective is to universally introduce more equality, fairness and diversity to sports.

We're a community of people all around the world developing, financing and distributing initiatives, projects and open source frameworks.

We produce entertaining and educational stories, we organise an online and offline league and we provide translation services to the sport of Ultimate.


The mission of ULTI.TV is to showcase the sport of Ultimate in an equitable, fair and diverse way, without referees.

We enable people all around the world to create, finance and distribute their video concepts.

We produce entertaining and educational media on our online TV channels for the sport of Ultimate.


The mission of ULTILEAGUE is to transition Ultimate clubs to diverse, mixed gender, and community driven power houses.

We come up with event concepts that are designed for the fans together with local clubs and federations.

We provide a league model and organise events to help local clubs grow their member and fanbase.

If you want, we will send you our Greatest video of the week, from around the world.

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